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Platform List  

001. Feature Film (Major Studio)
002. Feature Film (Small-Medium Studio)
003. Feature Film (Independent Production)
004. Feature Film (Low-Budget Studio)
005. Student Feature Film (Graduate / University / Trade School Level)
006. Student Feature Film (Community College / Univ. Extension Program)
007. Student Feature Film (High-School or lower Grade School Level)
008. Television Advertising Spot (National TV Broadcast)
009. Television Advertising Spot (Cable / Satellite Broadcast)
010. Student Television (Closed-Circuit On-Campus Television)
011. Student PSA (Closed-Circuit On-Campus Television)
012. Radio Advertising Spot (National Radio Broadcast)
013. Radio Advertising Spot (Local Radio Broadcast)
014. Student Radio Advertising Spot (Local or C.C. Campus Broadcast)
015. Television Movie (National TV Broadcast)
016. Television Movie (Cable / Satellite Broadcast)
017. Television Movie (Public Television)
018. Television Program/Show (National TV Broadcast)
019. Television Program/Show (Cable / Satellite Broadcast)
020. Television Program / Show (Public Television)
021. Television PSA (National TV Broadcast)
022. Television PSA (Cable / Satellite Broadcast)
023. Television PSA (Public Television)
024. Home Video (Informational/Instructional/Training/Promotional)
025. Home Video (Movie/Program/Show)
026. Radio Program (National Radio Broadcast)
027. Radio Program (Local Radio Broadcast)
028. Student Radio Program (Local or Closed-Circ- Radio Broadcast)
029. Corporate Promo/Sales Video
030. Corporate Presentation/Special Event/Trade Show
031. Corporate Intranet/Training Production (Interactive and Video)
032. Student Video Production (Non-Broadcast)
033. Interactive CD-ROM / Desktop Computer Software or Game
034. Consumer Video Game Platform Title
035. Coin-Op Game
036. Information Kiosk
037. Web-Based Real-Time Streamed Broadcast (All Streamed Media)
038. Web-Based Audio Production (non real-time streaming)
039. Music-On-Hold/Voice-Mail Production
040. Commercial Music Production (Song with or without vocals)
041. In-Store Background Music
042. Special Event/Festival/Parade
043. Professional Theatre Production
044. Community Theatre Production
045. Student Theatre Production
046. Internet applications or
047. Other media or multimedia productions (including radio and streaming 047. audio), provided in each case that the Compositions are synchronized
047. with a visual presentation (or, in the case of radio or audio,
047. synchronized with a spoken word presentation)

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