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Industry Network  

Through our various industry connections and professional work experience we have created a unique network of resource and information sharing that provides all of our client’s additional networking opportunities for greater exposure and earning potential.

Music 4 Media is constantly looking to create innovative marketing and career development strategies and opportunities. Through this approach we have been able to offer various other industry related outlets for those we work with to capitalize on. Visit our News / Events section for more info about past, present and future promotions / events we are involved in or feel to contact us if you would like additional info about any of our affiliates.

Get wired into our virtual network of industry professionals and companies that represent many facets of the music and entertainment business.

AKA Records
Full service independent record label based out of Los Angeles, CA. Deals with all aspects of label services including manufacturing and distribution, A&R, marketing, tour development and support, and production.

Free 4 All Events
Live Event Promotion / Production Company focused on grassroots and viral marketing and live concert event promotion and production for independent bands. Free 4 All Events also provides sponsorship acquisition and co-op marketing opportunities based around live concert events and other music promotions. Music 4 Media co-founded Free 4 All Events with several other professional industry companies to create an even larger network of resources and industry outlets for our clients to utilize.

Free 4 All Events is also the creator of the highly successful street initiative “Battle of the Fans” where the FANS get to vote for their favorite local to open large scale concert events for national acts. Check out www.free4allevents.net for more info.

GCM Entertainment
Founded by Darius Lauth a professional musician and former LMC / Universal record label executive with over 20 years experience in the music entertainment industry. GCM Entertainment provides many industry related services from artist management, legal and business assistance, marketing and business model development, cutting-edge tracking and monitoring and financial reporting to name a few. GCM has deep routed industry connections that span the globe and an excellent reputation for being not only extremely professional but most importantly for getting results that continues to leave many industry professionals perplexed.

Hollywood Creative Directory
The many directories that make up the HCD catalogue, commonly known as "the phone books to Hollywood," offer the most comprehensive, up-to-date information available, listing the names, numbers, addresses and current titles of entertainment professionals from the film, television and music industries. For almost twenty years this "insider's guide to the insiders" has been a must-have for anyone seriously considering a career in the entertainment business. Check out www.hcdonline.com for more info.

"The Hollywood Creative Directory is a mainstay in the entertainment business. So authoritative is this directory, that in 1992 when the Internal Revenue Service was investigating tax abuse in the entertainment industry, they purchased a copy to use as a guide for their operations."
American Reference Books Annual, 2003

Media Industry Intelligence Information is a cutting-edge information analysis and tracking and monitoring company that specializes in web and viral street marketing and analysis reporting within the entertainment industry. Powered by a combination of software and hardware systems that utilize Iventa Technology, innovative in-house strategies and an overwhelming amount of industry knowledge and experience, MI^3 is the quickly setting the industry standard for alternative marketing analysis and reporting providing everyone from major labels to the smallest indie’s with information and resources that are crucial to survive in today’s rapidly changing and unpredictable entertainment business environment.

Studio Systems Inc.
The US entertainment industry’s most trusted online information system. Studio Systems provides entertainment executives and professionals, including those at leading studios, production companies, talent agencies and PR firms, with the immediate development, representation and news they need to allow them to make winning business decisions. Check out www.studiosystemsinc.com for more info.

The Tape Gallery
Established in 1981, The Tape Gallery is London’s leading audio post-production facility, specializing in sound tracks for television, radio and cinema advertising.

From a THX / Dolby Digital cinema mix to a simple voice-over recording, digital editing systems make alterations and multiple version simple, and full mix automation means that last year’s production can be easily updated for this year’s campaign. Check out www.tape-gallery.co.uk for more information.

X75 Studios
Provides state of the art full service website and graphic design / implementation solutions. At X75 Studios your vision is important to us, we understand that your website and graphics should be a reflection of your company's goals, values and determination.

Therefore, our mission is straight-forward: to meet and exceed your web and graphic development needs with you and your customers in mind, as well as professional web and graphic management that will allow your website and graphics to grow and evolve along with your business. Check out www.x75studios.com for more information

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