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What do you do?

We are involved in music licensing, placement, production, and supervision for professional music buyers. We have created a platform for which independent bands, musicians, composers, writers, DJ’s, record labels and publishing companies can showcase their work and/or talents for use in many types of media production and advertising platforms. By allowing us to handle the licensing and marketing on behalf of our artists, we are able to provide a unique and innovative way for the professional music buyer to access independent music/talents and get all the licensing and services they need without having to search endlessly or pay huge amounts of money. We are also providing our artists with the opportunity to gain exposure for their music or get work for their composition/writing skills. We are bridging the gap between the media production marketplace and the musicians and talent of tomorrow.

How do you do it?

Through our website music buyers can browse for original music, composers, services and resources then request them and acquire all the necessary licenses and services they need to fulfill their productions specific needs. We give the buyers various search options and resources to locate exactly what they need and save their choices to be auditioned later or sent immediately for licensing and acquisition. . Our ability to offer fresh independent music from real artists all over the world, and get it licensed and delivered all from one location along with the services and resources we provide, is what separates Music 4 Media from other “Production Music/ Licensing” companies.

What types of licenses are involved?

We deal with synchronization licenses of master recordings and the underlying compositions therein of songs/compositions that we represent. When a song/composition is placed with images or words there needs to be a synchronization license for the synching of the music with those images or words. A recorded song has two parts: 1.The sheet music of the song or the ‘composition’ and, 2.The actual recording itself the ‘master’. When our artists sign up with Music 4 Media, they grant us the right to license the master recordings and the underlying musical compositions therein of the songs that they have recorded/represent and would like to market. We then authorize on their behalf a synchronization license for the both the master recording and the underlying compositions to the music buyer who in turn will use the music/composition in their production. We can also assist with the performing rights licenses and filing of cue sheets if required by the buyer, depending on the use of the song. In the instance of soundtracks it may be necessary to acquire mechanical and reproduction licenses, if you plan to release a soundtrack from the movie for example, in which case we also will license on the copyright owners behalf, but with their full co-operation.

What types of media production and advertising do you license to?

Here is a list of almost 50 different platforms for which to license your music/compositions and provide composition/writing services:

Platform List

What benefit do you offer the artists and/or music buyers?

Through the medium of media production and advertising our artists have a whole new way to promote, market, and distribute their music and/or talents. With a major film release or national commercial they can put their music into mainstream America overnight. Soundtracks are also another possible benefit for they provide great exposure and in some cases royalties for years to come. Film companies and the major record labels are all tied into the same distribution rings and most are owned by the same companies these days. Through film, TV, etc our artists increase their chances the majors will hear their work. It is basically one huge benefit for all involved. The professional music buyers get to efficiently locate and acquire music/services from a vast array of independent bands, musicians, composers, etc and our artists get to use the media production for promotion, marketing, and distribution. If you are a composer or writer “NO MORE GHOST WRITING”. Get the credit and money you deserve while you pave your way to an Oscar.

What other services do you offer?

Music 4 Media also offers music supervision, placement, licensing, editing/mixing, voice over talent, and links to resources and other production needs like sound EFX and music loops.

Do the artists loose ownership over the copyrights to the songs?

NO. We have worked very hard on our licensing agreements to ensure the copyright owner maintains ownership of all the work and that the future of the music is up to them. If hired to perform composition services, then most of the time the music buyer owns the work created for them. As for the relationship between the copyright owners and Music 4 Media, they only grant us rights to license on their behalf certain agreed upon tracks/compositions, and only within a certain medium. We only deal with synchronization licenses of the master recordings and underlying compositions therein and any additional licensing necessary for productions we license to. All other licensing and copyright control is entirely in your hands. If the music buyer requests services to be performed by a composer/writer that we represent or from within Music 4 Media, we will negotiate those on an individual basis.

What do the artists have to do?

Nothing! Well almost, that is the beauty of this deal. They send us a copy of the master recordings of all songs to be represented. We then upload the music and info into our database, which is then accessed by the vast network of professional music buyers. They can listen to the music and if they would like to use it they send us a request. We then negotiate the details of the usage and fee, and then send them a copy of the song in a format requested by them. We will send the artist notification of all interest in their music/services and if any licenses are issued they will be notified immediately with details of fee disbursement and production info. This allows for a much more efficient process for the music buyer, therefore giving our service the industry edge, and allows the artists the opportunity to engage in this marketplace without any time commitment. We are basically a pseudo ‘ASCAP’ for synchronization licensing rather than performance rights.

Artists How Much? – How Long?

The agreement the artists sign is for a two year period from date signing. That covers the time period in which we will be responsible for the licensing of your music or representing your talents and marketing your work and/or talents on our website. There is a clause that allows either party to terminate the agreement with proper notice for cause. We are not trying to keep you committed or put you in a position that you regret. The relationship is one of mutual respect with an understanding for the musicians needs. The time period chosen allows for you to have enough time to benefit from the service and increase your chances for exposure. We hope the relationship will last a lifetime and we can someday handle all our clients publishing needs. REMEMBER- we only deal with certain tracks/compositions within a certain medium. There is a $45 administration fee when you sign up that covers you for term of the agreement and is renewed when you start a new term. There is also a $5 upload fee for each song we put on the site, you do not pay for removing music, only for initial songs and any added later. The Admin fee only needs to be paid by once a term even if you represent say 3 or 4 bands or record labels etc. The money is used for constant marketing to buyers, legal fees, and maintaining the website. Music 4 Media is not here to make money from just signing artists. We work very hard to get professional music buyers to use our service; therefore your music/talents and we are constantly striving to be the number one resource for locating the most talented up and coming musicians in the world. We all want to make money and if we do our job then that will be the end result for all involved.

Buyers How much?

Free! Membership to our site is absolutely free. This includes access to our entire catalog of music, services and resources. To get started now click here.

How do we sign up?

Music Buyers:

Join Now it’s absolutely free!!

Bands, Musicians, Artists, Dj’s, Record Labels, Publishing Companies:

Send your press kits including bio’s, demo’s (on CD please), etc and we will check them out. Upon completion of review we will send you our agreement and some info. You will sign it and send it back with a copy of all the master recordings (on CD please) we agree to showcase. We then upload the music along with your bio onto the site and take it from there. Submission info

Composers, Writers:

Send us your bio, and any compositions (please send a recorded version if you can on CD) you have that you want represented. We will review the info and send you an agreement. Upon signing the agreement we will upload your bio and/or compositions onto our site. If you only want to offer your talents or just compositions and not both that is fine. Submission info

Still have further questions?

Contact us with any questions or comments you have.

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