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About Us  

The Mission

Integrate technology with industry information and resource sharing into an efficient and user-friendly web platform that continues to be the industry standard in cutting-edge publishing and global synchronization licensing in an on-demand market.

Music 4 Media was created to connect professional music buyers with music and services from today’s best independent musicians, representing music styles from all genres across the world. In offering our many services and being able to get all the licensing required in-house, we provide a platform from which buyers have a new market and resource to locate and acquire music for media production and advertising.

The Vision

Music 4 Media is based in Los Angeles, CA the heart of the multi-media production and advertising industry, as well as the music capital of the world. Realizing the lack of a truly dedicated service for both parties, our vision became simple; give the buyers a source to efficiently fulfill all of their production’s music / licensing needs while giving independent artists exposure for their talent and work. Music 4 Media was formed to do just that, and become the number one resource for connecting independent music and services to professional music buyers. We are the “ASCAP” of synchronization licensing and music clearance.

“And another thing which is important to understand, just like an in-experienced band they want to hurry and get their site up, make a press kit and record an album. The problem is they don’t have any press to put in the press kit, haven’t perfected their music to record it and have no history or info to put on their site, yet they still think by having it someone will notice it and make them a star. You have to first go work your ass off, than take your successes and market those not your talents, it never works”.

Greg Hall, President / CEO, Music 4 Media



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